Online Video Games


When searching the internet for free online video games, one often stumbles across many sites that advertise free online video games but is it totally free and what is the catch? That is often what many people think when they see these claims. Well, while you typically do not pay any fee to play these games, there often is a catch. The catch is typically in the form of downloading a tool bar of some sort that basically tracks your movement on the internet in many cases and in others might serve advertisements periodically. The other catch typically involves you having to register with the website offering the video game and requiring you to fill certain surveys and view certain offers. Both of these practices might be ok with you but we wanted to highlight them here to help you make a more informed choice.


Console Video Games


There are three main console game systems right now: The Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3, and Microsoft XBOX. The Nintendo Wii was a major hit during the 2008 holiday season and the various wii accessories made the Wii console stand out from the competing gaming systems. Microsoft XBox is famous for its sports games while the Sony PS3 is famous for its action games.




Most popular Online Video Game this week:

-Bubble Boomers Game